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TEXAS CRIME MANAGEMENT's on-site security officers  project authority, professionalism, and confidence.  Our look of our uniforms closely resemble those of law enforcement; which include a metal badge, brass name tag, shoulder patches, and appropriate rank.  All of our qualified officers may carry a firearm, handcuffs, flashlight, O.C. (pepper) Spray, and an expandable baton.

Licensed by the Texas

Department of Public Safety  Private Security

License # C08931

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Bike Patrol

Our bike patrol officer are armed or unarmed who receive  additional training and are required to pass a course on bicycle operations and control.  This is the same training that is required for law enforcement. The course teaches the officer basic bicycle balance skills, turning skills, instant turn, rock dodge skill, braking  and other skills.  Officers on bike patrol duty are commonly  assigned to posts with a large areas like movie theaters, malls,  apartment complexes, and in small areas where rapid response is  required.

Vehicle Patrol

A uniformed TEXAS CRIME MANAGEMENT officer arrives at your property and conducts a walk through inspection lasting from 15 to 30 minutes and written report for each visit.  You determine the number of visits and inspections per shift.

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Licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security

License # C08931

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